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Claudia DeMonte
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Claudia DeMonte - Felucca Dreams, 2020, Gold Leaf and paint on wood, 9 x 24 x 6 inches

Felucca Dreams, 2020
Gold Leaf and paint on wood
9 x 24 x 6 inches

 Navigation is an exhibition of sculpture and paintings that consistently represent my life and its correlation with women, women’s role, cultural mores, societal issues, and their evolution, says Claudia DeMonte.  Empathy about the world stage was instilled in me by my family. Thinking globally were common words in my home in the 1950s well before becoming a buzz word.  The exhibition will open at the June Kelly Gallery on October 15 and remain on view through November 17.

In this body of work, DeMonte’s sculpture and paintings focus on events of her extraordinary life and beyond that on women’s lives in general.  DeMonte uses navigation, perhaps, metaphorically, as the act of steering, of negotiating, of plotting a course, through years, through history, through generations, through this current global pandemic.

Compellingly, DeMonte employs an array of media, oil based paint on vinyl with mazes of travel pictographs.  Three sculptures as allegory evince perseverance, moving on, moving through as in Felucca Dreams, 2020, a group of erect standing women depicted elegantly in gold leaf sailing on a vessel.  The Pull Toy Handbag, 2020, DeMonte’s archetypical high-end Birkin handbag encrusted with pewter pictographic configurations startingly connected to a wood slab upon small wooden wheels as on a child’s common toy, quite likely a thought of moving between socio-economic tiers through this current crisis.  Skateboard Blue, 2020 is perhaps indicative of travel, movement through generational years depicted with a mature woman in sturdy shoes balancing proficiently as she sails on a skateboard.  “My works here reflect today’s world and how people globally are navigating making associations on psyche and emotional levels.  I seek in the Navigation Series to be the record keeper of visual memories, traditions, and the impact they impart on a world that one day will open again – our fervent hope.”

DeMonte lives and works in New York City and Miami Beach, FL.  She received a bachelor's degree from College of Notre Dame of Maryland in Baltimore and an MFA from Catholic University of America, Washington, DC.  DeMonte's work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally.  The many public and private collections in which she is represented include the Brooklyn Museum, New York; Bass Museum, Miami, FL; Flint Institute of Art, MI; Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH; Mississippi Museum of Art, Jackson, MS; Lowe Museum, Miami Beach, FL; New Orleans Museum of Art, LA; Indianapolis Museum of Art; University of Maryland, College Park; Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA; Portland Museum of Art, ME; Contemporary Art Museum, Villa Rufolo, Ravello, Italy; Warsaw Museum of Modern Art, Poland; and University of Oldenburg, Germany.


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Skateboard Blue - 2020

Skateboard Red - 2020

Memories Lemanja - 2020

Pull Toy: Handbag - 2020

Pull Toy: Shoe - 2020

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