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The Women of the June Kelly Gallery

"Meet The Artists" on Thursday, 25 January 2024

The Women Artists of the June Kelly Gallery, an exhibition bolstering an enthralling complexity of grit, will be on view at the June Kelly Gallery, 166 Mercer Street, from January 18 through February 27, 2024, from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  On January 25, 2024, from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM, come to “Meet the Artists”

This exhibition purposely spotlights the diverse voices of the gallery’s women artists; their particular media and process, figurative and abstract, sculptural and two-dimensional, highlighting the characteristic interest oddity, eccentricity in the individualism of each artist…Karin Batten, Claudia DeMonte, Joan Giordano, Su-Li Hung, Su Kwak, Sandra Lerner, Lisa Mackie, Sky Pape, Sarah Plimpton, Debra Priestly, Rebecca Welz, and Philemona Williamson, who was one of the first women artists to show in the gallery’s beginning stages—work by the late Elizabeth Catlett, Jane Schneider, and Possoon Sung are included in the broad range of this sisterhood.

Artist approached asked to submit a work of their choice.  The engagement of the gallery’s women artists in this first time showcase by gender evincing different psyche, ages and backgrounds mirrors the coming together a sisterhood. their impressive concepts, media, and processes, ensuring an exciting awareness of the multiple roles and extraordinary thoughts that perhaps in some ways are peculiar to the grit of the female psyche.  Each work’s distinctiveness yields a sense of the artist’s determination in this current reality.

From the outset, thirty-seven years ago, Kelly was determined that the artists in her gallery would represent a broad, diverse ethnic and international spectrum.  This exhibit is a statement of having succeeded in that objective.


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Karin Batten - Migrating Microbes, 2023
Karin Batten

Elizabeth Catlett - Torso, 2018
Elizabeth Catlett

Claudia DeMonte - Exotic Illusions, 2016
Claudia DeMonte

Taino - 2019
Joan Giordano

Su-Li Hung - Oak Leaves, Butterflies, Green-Grey Winter Oak Tree, 1995-2010
Su-Li Hung

Su Kwak - Light Rays, 2018
Su Kwak

Sandra Lerner - Entanglement, 2022
Sandra Lerner

Lisa Mackie - The Horseshoes Swimming in Blue, 2017
Lisa Mackie

Lisa Mackie - Here Then and Now, 2017-2018
Lisa Mackie

Sky Pape - Diving into the Wreck, 2018
Sky Pape

Sarah Plimpton - Black Palette, 2004
Sarah Plimpton

Debra Priestly - black vessel 17, 2022
Debra Priestly

Sandra Lerner - Entanglement, 2022
Jane Schneider

Posoon Park Sung - Faith II, 2013
Posoon Park Sung

Rebecca Welz- Root Flower, 2021
Rebecca Welz

Philemona Williamson -The Gathering, 2021
Philemona Williamson

Nola Zirin - Still Counting, 2023
Nola Zirin


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